Sensation Hotels by unycu

unique, individual & one-of-a-kind hotels

Sensation Hotels by unycu is a platform in which Boutique Hotels, Design oriented Hotels and Luxury Hotels are presented. We call the hotels in our portfolio “Sensation Hotels”. Our member hotels distinguish themselves through the originality and authenticity of their concept: unique, one-of-a-kind and very individual.

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The Smallest Hotel Book of the World

unique, individual & one-of-a-kind hotels

The Smallest Hotel Book of the World was created and developed by Johannes Fritz Groebler to present leading boutique, luxury, and design-oriented hotels all over the world. The book also represents the exclusive Sensation Hotels by unycu portfolio. There is a limited edition every year and the book won several international prizes for design, innovation, and concept such as the German Design Award – special Mention. The 5th edition of The Smallest Hotel Book of the World was published 2022 and a number of 50.000 books.

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