Crypto After Work ®

to the moooooon

This is how it all got started: after work. We made our best business deals on after work events. We meet up with our best partners and clients after work and sometimes we even fall in love after work.

After works events are great for networking, doing business, learning, exchanging, and interacting in a community. After work parties, after work events, or after-work drinks, are casual events (most often hosted in the week from Monday – Friday) for people to unwind, socialize and network – that’s what after work events are for. Wouldn’t it be great to roll out a “Crypto After Work” roadshow in main destinations? To spread the word about Crypto and Blockchain.

An exclusive venue, a cool DJ, a creative catering service, colorful and tasty drinks, some sponsors, and the best of all: a potential guestlist with a mix of business, crypto, investors and community – for crypto beginners and experts? Oh yeah. That´s exactly what we need in the Crypto Hotel. So, let’s roll out Crypto After Work / Hotel After Work with a goal to network, build a unique community, educate, and promote. We registrated the brand Crypto After Work ® and have the domains and for this upcoming project and concept. For the Crypto After Work project, we are looking for:

  • Partnerships
  • Sponsors
  • Speakers
  • Blockchain experts
  • Media partners
  • Venues & Hotels

Are you interested? Do you have any ideas or inspiration for us? Please contact us. We are looking forward on meeting up.