Community & People

This is what the Crypto Hotel is about

The Crypto Hotel is all about creativity, innovation, blockchain, sustainability and community. And in the center of all are “people”. The hotel people. The crypto people. The tech people. The people with ideas. And that’s our goal with the Crypto Hotel: to build a community of like-minded individuals that appreciate networking, entrepreneurship, innovation, hotels & crypto. The Crypto Hotel people are making friends, networking, communicating, innovating, and having fun. Do you want to be part if it? Get in contact with us and list your project, brand, or person here at the crypto hotel.

The thing that fascinates us, are the opportunities, the very creative and innovative crypto community, and poeple.


Crypto Hotel online shop

Crypto Hotel online shop

we want you to look good. Check out our Crypto Hotel online shop with bags, t-shirts, hoodies, polos and caps. Join us and spread the word #cryptohotel

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