About the Crypto Hotel

and how it all got started

Welcome to the Crypto Hotel. We have been following the blockchain and crypto market for years now. 2014, while working on several hospitality projects in Germany, a network of like-minded hotels was founded by Johannes Fritz Groebler called Sensation Hotels by unycu www.sensationhotels.com. The focus was to form a network of like-minded hotels with creative people to unite and promote individual hotels, brands, and concepts. What started with just three like-minded individual hotel properties, grew to over 30 Hotels and destinations in Europe and South America. In February 2018, during an event in Baden-Baden Germany — we got convinced by a corporate business partner to invest more time studying the crypto world.

2019 after winning the German Design Award – special mention and Creativity Award for the concept and idea, we focused on future trends like: Social Communication, China and Blockchain. The strategy turned out to be right. 2020 was a year of change. Most of our hotels closed for months due to the Covid-19 Virus legal regulations. This is the time when Crypto Hotels was launched, and this was the real beginning of the Crypto Hotel – the first Hotel in Blockchain.

We now see a new economy and global challenges coming around the corner and we are getting ready for it. We started here with fun and just creating something. And now we are dealing with partnerships, creating events, and bringing people and brands together. that´s what the Crypto Hotel is about.

The thing that fascinates us, are the opportunities, the very creative and innovative crypto community, and people.


Johannes Fritz Groebler

Founder of the Crypto Hotel

Johannes Fritz Groebler is a “hotelized” hotel general manager, book author, and creative developer who is magnetized and hypnotized by hotels and the hospitality industry. He has traveled the world and been to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and has a real passion for hotels. The most fascinating things that inspire him during traveling are the colors, culture, and design. This is exactly what his consulting and creative agency Hotel Fritz is all about www.hotelfritz.com. Here, unique hotel concepts are created, improved, developed, and managed.

Johannes Fritz Groebler is the founder of Sensation Hotels by unycu.com.  And winner of several international awards for design and creativity for “The Smallest Hotel Book of the World” such as the German Design Award – special mention.

Hotel Segments: Boutique Hotels, Design Hotels, Luxury Hotels or Lifestyle Hotels.

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Crypto Hotel online shop

Crypto Hotel online shop

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