Hodl Hotel

to the moooooon

There are times, the Crypto Hotel turns into a Hodl Hotel. That’s the time when things get cozy and it’s time to relax, enjoy, sit back and just stay as long as you like. Sometimes, the Hodl Hotel is enjoyed for a few days, maybe some weeks and sometimes even months. But relax – it´s always great to hodl and we really believe in hodling. HODL is short for “hold on for dear life” and it’s a popular term among crypto investors. HODL is anchored in the traditional buy-and-hold investment strategy. ‚Hodl‘ is the most iconic meme that exists in Bitcoin today. It is both timeless, beloved and demands appreciation from all crypto lovers. If you own something with value, you hodl it – and don´t give up on it. And that’s what we see at the Hodl Hotel. We see people enjoying and holding on. And they stay here as long as they like. Welcome to the Hodl Hotel www.hodlhotel.com