Dapp Hotels

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To fully explain a dApp Hotel, we must start by explaining what a dApp Hotel is in the Blockchain and what powerful features this marketing tool offers. Decentralized applications—also known as „dApps“ or „dapps“—are digital applications that run on a blockchain network of computers instead of relying on a single computer. Because dApps are decentralized, they are free from the control and interference of a single authority. DApps can run on a P2P network or a blockchain network. dApps are all about freedom. Welcome to www.dapphotels.com

One of the main challenges there are running a hotel is the connectivity. How are bookings made and how do they come into a hotel? Imagine, a small unique and luxury hotel in the French countryside. A beautiful destination and cozy hotel. A couple from New York plans to travel so they visit a travel agency and book a few nights and paid it with their credit card to make the booking. Do you know how many people earn and profit from this transaction?

  • The travel agency
  • The provider for the system
  • The internet system
  • The distribution system
  • The Physical credit card booking system
  • The credit card company
  • The bank
  • The insurance
  • A transaction fee for the Hotel due to the Booking
  • A commission fee from the room price due to the Booking
  • And many more…

Well, who pays all of this? Right. The Customer (and the Hotel!). It’s a joke to see what the Hotel gets at the end for the booking. A real joke. This whole system needs a freshup. It needs to be redesigned. It is not fair. It is not transparent. The customer and the hotel are being lied to. It´s time for change. Welcome to dAppHotels. A Decentralized application for direct bookings. And when we mean direct, we mean, from the client to his bed to sleep (Hotel, Studio, Room, Apartment). That’s all.

  • No travel agency
  • No provider for the system
  • No further internet system and fees
  • No distribution system
  • No Physical credit card booking system
  • No further credit card company
  • No bank
  • No insurance
  • No transaction fees
  • No commission fee from the room price due to the Booking

Why and how? Very simple: Blockchain. DApp is for Hotels like DeFi is for finance. This has potential. And we are happy to innovate and be part of it. Are you interested in learning more about the dApp Hotel project? Can we inspire you with this project? Or do you have any ideas – or add-ons for us? We hope to disrupt the industry and are looking for:

  • Test cases
  • Innovative Partners
  • Blockchain experts